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What is a Sales Funnel?
A sales funnel is a sequence of steps designed to lead potential clients towards a specific purchase decision by using online marketing systems like lead magnets, landing pages, and email marketing to build a rapport.
Sales funnels allow your business to ease potential clients towards buying higher value products and services while building you up as an authority in your field.
Why Your Business Needs a Sales Funnel
  •  Online marketing is the way of the future, it's highly targeted, easily measurable, and cost efficient if done correctly.
  •  You want a marketing system that works well on it's own so that you can focus on what you really enjoy doing; working in your business.
  •  It allows you to build an email list of viable clients, which in the long term can cut down your marketing costs dramatically
The Kreative Sales & Marketing Funnel Template Vault
Do you need to up your businesses online marketing game with a high converting funnel? You can use one of my pre-designed funnels for 1 week for free, I'll even help you set it up and create a Facebook marketing campaign to generate traffic for you! All I ask is that you pay the ad spend cost, this is totally up to you, but I do request at least a $10-$50/day commitment.
(Click on any funnel below to see it in action, please note these templates will be further personalized with your businesses branding before deployment.)
Don't see a funnel for your industry? No problem! Hit "LET'S BEGIN" anyways, tell me a little about your business and I'll create one for you!
About Kreative Kekeli
For the last 7 years, I've helped businesses and non-profit organizations build beautiful brands, marketing collateral and websites to showcase their business in the best light possible. Online marketing was the natural next step, so I'm ensuring that as usual, I'm giving my clients the best options available to market their brands quickly and effectively. Sales Funnels have come out above and beyond as the most effective systematic setup for marketing small and large businesses alike, so I'm going to make sure that every business that needs one has a well designed, affordable and well-marketed funnel to help them grow.
"Kekeli provided impeccable service, very responsive, took great care to understand my needs, created various options with extra touches to details that provided beautiful results."
- Kathryn Turnbull, Yoga Living
"Kekeli has been so very helpful and prompt in helping me with some poorly designed websites, transforming them from dated and dull to easy to read, and use. She is efficient, creative and is great with any follow-up needed once launched. I would recommend her company with no hesitation."
- Peggy Bell, Painter
"Kekeli sets a very high standard! She provides fast and efficient service; and even after the website is built, her continued commitment to top quality service is unwavering. We highly recommend her!!"
- Wheatland RV Co-Op
What do you get out of this?
I am testing out funnels that I have hacked after studying some of the top funnels in several industries. My funnels have combined some of the best ideas from several funnels and also look awesome compared to a lot of what's out there. Due to this, I plan on selling my funnel templates as stand-alone systems as well as use them for my own clients, so I need to make sure they work and be able to show some measurable results for them. All I ask once we are finished our trail is that if you considered it successful, you would make a quick video testimonial of the experience and rate the funnel you used in the ClickFunnels Marketplace to kick off the new sales funnel division of my business.

What info do you need from me to get started?
Since I am a small business, I will evaluate each applicant to ensure their business and goals will work well with the system. I ask for your contact info, a bit about your business and the best offer you're willing to make for your ad. Despite the beauty and utility of my funnels, the offer that you advertise is the main element that will make or break your funnel, it's got to be something that your target audience would be "obsessed about" (like the kids say these days), else it's not worth advertising, think Groupon type deals.

What should I have in place to advertise on Facebook?
You should have a business page in place on Facebook, one that I can set up the ads on. It would also be great if you had your Facebook Pixels set up so that we can really measure the effectiveness of your funnel as well. If you don't have this setup, don't worry, I can set it up for you as long as you have a Business Page. I will need access to the Ad account as an editor to set up the targeting for your ads and the ad copy, I will let you know when the time comes how to set this up so that I can come in and do my thing.

Will I need a ClickFunnels account to participate?
Yes, and luckily for you, ClickFunnels offers a free 14-day trial, more than enough time to create your funnel, market it and evaluate the results before you need to pay anything. My only request is that you use my ClickFunnels affiliate link to create your account, it won't cost you any more to do so, but in the interest of full disclosure, if you do decide to keep the account active, I will get an affiliate commission from ClickFunnels for bringing you in. I will provide a share link for your funnel when it is complete and you can sign up from there. After the trail, Clickfunnels pricing comes in 3 tiers, $37, $97 and $297.

What if I already have a ClickFunnels account?
If you already have a ClickFunnels account you can still use my templates if it is for personal use only, (aka you're not a fellow designer/marketer looking for a free funnel template to use). If your account is fully set up and you can do the online marketing yourself and you just need the template, you can purchase any of them it for $50USD, just let me know and I will set it up.

How can I get in touch for a quick phone call?
You can call me at 1.587.893.7686, or on Skype with the user kekeli.afewu, if you're using Skype just introduce yourself when trying to connect, I get a lot of weird requests on there ;-)

Let's turn your website into an online growth machine!
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